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- Blending bearing
- Magnetic transfer bearings

  - Glenfiz
  - Alluro
  - Cirojet
- Anchor, diagonal and disc blenders
- Gas injection blenders

The blender inlet, bearing, Cowie, England

  • 005.206.7 Blending bearing VH29/32 Teflon , transfer Ø 8 mm
  • 005.206.7 Blending bearing VH29/32 Teflon, transfer Ø 10mm

Magnetic transfer bearings

The Glenfiz magnetic transfer blender, cone NS 29/32, Premex, Switzerland

A historic solution

By designing this magnetic blending transfer history has been made. As early as 1976, Premex used this magnetic blending transfer for industrial purposes without the traditional box for sealing. Even then, this unique system guaranteed an absolutely airtight blend. Thus the Glenfiz model is now also used in the vacuum sector .

The force is efficiently transmitted

The power is derived from the external magnets by being encapsulated inside of the magnets so as to produce the reciprocal of charged magnetic fields all over. Internal magnets do not rust or corrode.

Glenfiz provides excellent performance for 20 Ncm, and it goes up to 90 Ncm. You can select the product in its standard stainless steel model, 1.4435 or as a Hastelloy C22. For aggressive substances other steel variations are also available.

Glenfiz follows each circular movement

The Glenfiz magnetic bearing follows all circular movement - yet it remains in a fixed position within the reaction vessel.

Two Viton O-rings, which are disposed one after the other, ensure a double cone body to remain in place.

The grooves of the Hastelloy and titan variations have been deepened and, depending on the quality of the O-rings, either the EPDM or the Kalrez materials change. The Glenfiz cone size isNS 29/32 . (Models: Alluro NS45/40; Cirojet NS29/32, NS45/40 and M30 x 2 mm).

Download specifications in PDF format.

Cirojet, magnetic transfer blender, cones NS29/32, NS45/40 and M30 x 2mm, Premex, Switzerland

The Cirojet model is based on the penetration of the magnetic blender transfer combined with an integrated 55-watt engine. Two different torques are available: 20 Ncm and 40 Ncm.

The container's interface options are NS29/32 and NS45/40cones and M30 x 2 mmmetal spiral. You can also choose the more suitable of the two control units DZA-4 or DZA-5. The DZA-5 has a digital speed and engine remote control.

Download specifications in PDF format.


Anchor, diagonal and disc blenders, stainless steel, Premex, Switzerland

The homogenisation, dispersion or suspension - our collection includes an option for every need.

The Standard Model sbris a diagonal paddle blender, the sr-modelis a circular plate with blending blades where there isan anchor. We also, among others, manufacture a spiral blender, suitable for the individual reaction vessels.

Gas injection blenders, stainless steel, ptfe or Hastelloy-blades, Premex, Switzerland

The Br-model (Diagonal discs) has a gas injection blender which has a gas inlet, and the solution impregnation occurs more rapidly than within a conventional blending system.

When the blender rotates clockwise, a 45 degree vacuum is created behind the blades. The vacuum gives a huge suction force to the gas, causing a rapid transition from the gas tank to the solution through the hollow blender shaft.

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